We bid farewell to an old friend, The Knight Train

Recently we said goodbye to our trusty ol’ tour bus, The Knight Train. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little blue as I cleaned it out before taking photos and posting it to Craigslist. As I was sorting through all the junk behind the seats; orphaned socks, a gameboy, and unopened packages […]

Mixing The New Album (clip)

John (Secret Stash Records’ Chief Engineer) and I spent all day Saturday mixing.  Below is a little clip from one of the songs that will be on our new record. It’s very different from the first record, which we’re thrilled about.  That’s not so say that we don’t like the first record, but we already […]

A Shitty Venue, A Social Club, and Live Radio: Spring Green, WI and Des Moines, IA

Though we haven’t been touring much lately, we’ve been staying very busy. In January we collaborated with Jab’o Starks and Fred Wesley on a James Brown tribute show in our hometown on Minneapolis. Shortly after that was complete we hit the studio to track our new album. Because of everyone’s busy schedules, we wound up […]

SONNY KNIGHT & THE LAKERS | Philly Cheeze Blues | Phillip Smith

doesn’t get much better than witnessing a live performance ofSonny Knight and the Lakers.  This seven piece ensemble, from Minneapolis, doled out four astonishing sets of hot rhythm and blues at the Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion, Iowa.  The Lakerswarmed up the audience with an instrumental set before Sonnytook the stage and broke out the […]

Rain, Fights, and Grilled Cheese: Iowa City and Des Moines, IA

Although it has been awesome to be home a lot lately, it also felt great to hit the road for a few days. Last weekend we played Iowa City and Des Moines, IA. We’re still in the market for a new bus (the knight train went down and the cost of repairs are higher than […]

Basements, Cobwebs, and Demos: It’s Good To Be Home

It’s been nice to be home for a while. Friends, family, your own bed, healthier food, and of course more time to practice are all things to enjoy once your back home. You’d think that while touring you get to practice all the time, but it’s actually very hard to find time to practice on […]

Tacos, Dizzy, and Thievery: Third (and final) Leg of Sept Tour

This is the third and final update of our September tour. If you haven’t checked out the first two, you can do so here: #1 #2, but it’s not like they’re some sort of prerequisite for reading this blog post about the audiences we encountered and the tacos we ate on the final leg of […]